Stan Antonuk - Swingers home-based "wife swapping" parties

Stan Antonuk, a man living and working among our children, is Chief Executive Officer of Kowabunga Inc (“KowabungaAMEX:KOW), located in Clearwater FL. Kowabunga owns and operates several pornographic websites which publish deviant, vile, and pornographic photos, videos and “Live Cam” shows to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide. One of Antonuk’s websites,, is a site that enables couples to “Swap Wives” and promotes in-home “wife-swapping” parties with males and females from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Although Kowabunga’s public statements insist Antonuk’s business is legal, there are many that feel that promoting these morals may be dangerous and disturbing to families and children. Antonuk's business has gained particular local attention recently since members of the Caliente nudist resort complained about Antonuk promoting the "swinging lifestyle" at the nudist resort. We at CCC-AIM find it particularly disturbing when even nudists protest such a deviant and immoral sex practice, it is promoted in homes around Tampa Bay's neighborhoods, and it is run by a company traded on the stock exchange.

If you'd like to contact Stan or Monique Antonuk directly, here is his home information:

5180 Jewell Terrace
(727) 943–8253

Smackdown Time for Max Hardcore: Jury Finds Paul Little Guilty on 10 Counts of Criminal Obscenity

Smackdown Time for Max Hardcore: Jury Finds Paul Little Guilty on 10 Counts of Criminal Obscenity

Paul Little faces sentencing and could spend the rest of his life in jail.

We thank you Lord for the strength you have given us in our relentless pursuit of justice in protecting the young women of our community against these people who only seek to profit from exploiting your children. Jesus gives us the righteousness to ensure in these struggles as we will do again and again. Lord grant us strength in bringing Redner and others to their rightfully deserved justice as well.

James Grady - Child Pornographer

In 2002 Colorado prosecutors charged Grady with 866 felony charges of criminal sexual misconduct and exploitation of children involving, among other acts, child pornography. When police raided his Colorado home they apprehended 100,000 images of teenage girls and interrupted a "live cam" show for one of his "models".

Grady was released from Colorado prison on a $500,000 bail while he is awaiting trial. Grady, now 47 years old, is operating his "True Teen Babes" and "True Teen Cams" sites from the Tampa Bay Area.

Grady is rumored to be a part of a larger child pornography network of underage cam operators exploiting young women for profit. CCC-AIM prays that the Lord brings justice for Grady and stops his repulsive exploitation of young women and girls.

Joe Redner's HIV Positive Daughter Arrested for Prostitution...AGAIN

The daughter of well-known Tampa strip club owner Joe Redner has been arrested again.
According to Tampa police, Reyline Redner was arrested during a prostitution sting.

It is her second arrest on similar charges in just two months.

Reyline Redner, 38, is now facing felony charges because she now has more than three arrests for prostitution.

She also has been charged with criminal transmission of HIV.

Jamel Johnson Local Escort Ring Leader

According to several young women counseled by the Countryside Christian Center Anti-Indecency Mission, Jamel Johnson is the ring leader of a local "escort" (prostitution) ring that caters to traveling businessmen primarily around the downtown Tampa and Clearwater airport.

CCC-AIM is working with local authorities in trying to bring this man to justice.

Sex with a Minor in Lutz

A judge has ordered a Hillsborough middle school teacher held without bond on charges she had sex with a 14-year-old student.
Deputies arrested 28-year-old Stephanie Marie Ragusa late Thursday and charged her with 5 counts of lewd and lascivious battery. Investigators say Ragusa had sex with a student five times while working as a teacher at Davidsen Middle School.
Deputies say the incidents began when the student was 14-years-old and continued until after his 15th birthday. Officials say the victim was never a student of Ragusa and had met her while on the school campus.
According to school records, Ragusa has also worked at Madison Middle School in Tampa and is currently teaching at Martinez Middle School in Lutz. Judge Walter Heinrich Jr. set another bond hearing for next week when investigators will have provide any other evidence they may have.
The CCC-AIM will be following this case closely to make sure that this woman never works with children again. This is not the first time this has happened and this woman needs to stop!

Prosititution Ring with Palm Harbor Ties Shut Down with Help from CCC-AIM

Law enforcement officials have accused eight people of being involved in an Internet prostitution ring based in Tampa and North Carolina.

Investigators from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and North Carolina said John Robert Hubard, of Tampa, and Eric Caldwell of Pfafftown, N.C., were owners of Private Pets Escort Service.

Caldwell was arrested Monday afternoon in North Carolina and detectives said Hubard was on the run and believed to be in Tennessee. They face prostitution and racketeering charges.
Hubard designed the Web site that advertised women for a rate of $300 per hour, said Chief Deputy James Coats of the Pinellas Sheriff's Office.
The women arrested were Michelle Germaine of Largo, Samantha Noland of Tampa, Spring Cook of Tampa, Michele Allen of Tampa and Amber Griffith of Tampa.
Teresa Jones of Palm Harbor (pictured at the left), described as a third owner of the business, was arrested on prostitution and racketeering charges.

Joe Redner

Joe Redner is infamous for owning what is considered to be one of the most vile and disgusting strip clubs in America, the Mons Venus. Joe Redner is now 67 years old and still operating his strip club empire in Tamap. Redner is often referred to as the "Strip Club King", a pimp, pervert, instigator, self- promoter, hypocrite, publicity hound, pig, exploiter, criminal, and narcissist. Redner, who is reported as being arrested over 140 times, runs a business that recruits young adult women into the sex industry causing them to be continually degraded and belittled by older men.

Alan Freeman Sex Offender

Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies arrested Christopher Alan Freeman, on child pornography charges. Freeman was arrested at his residence, 6339 Osprey Lake Circle, at 11:15 a.m., for having illegal images on a computer.

Freeman is a registered sex offender who was convicted in 1997 in Texas for child sexual assault. He registered the Osprey Lake Circle address with authorities on March 27.
Acting on a tip from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, officers from the Hillsborough Special Investigations Division got a search warrant and arrested Freeman at 11:15 a.m., Hillsborough spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. A preliminary Florida Department of Law Enforcement examination of three seized computers found more than 100 images and videos of children, the youngest of whom was 18 months old.

According to an arrest report, Freeman told deputies he had downloaded the images through a file-sharing program called Limewire, and stored others on an external hard drive in a folder titled "Porn."

Freeman was taken to the Orient Road Jail, where he remains on $200,000 bail.

Pinellas County Teachers Booked For Child Porn

Two high school teachers in Pinellas County have been arrested in the same week for allegedly using home computers to engage in child pornography in separate incidents.

Jason Matthew Hooper, 30, is facing 47 felony charges alleging that he enticed several female high school students to email him nude pictures of themselves and give him "intimate apparel". Hooper of Clearwater was a teacher at Pinellas Park High School in the facility's Criminal Justice Academy. He resigned in November after the allegations surfaced.According to police, they began to investigate the matter when the mother of a 16-year-old student said she had found improper email messages between her daughter and Hooper. Police seized computers from Hooper's home. He is being held in the Pinellas County Jail in lieu of $490,000 bond.He has been charged with 32 counts of possessing child pornography, 12 counts of sending computer material harmful to a minor, two counts of abuse of a child in a sexual performance and one count of solicitation of a minor via a computer. Hooper has no previous arrests but police said additional charges may be lodged against him.

Earlier in the week, police arrested William Greico, 42, a teacher at Seminole High School. It is alleged that in August, Greico had emailed a 14-year old, asking her for a date after seeing her postings on a teenage website.After her mother filed a complaint with police, investigators masqueraded as the girl in a sting operation, allegedly engaging in sexual conversations with Greico. When Greico arrived at a prearranged spot thinking he was meeting the girl, he was arrested.