Stan Antonuk - Swingers home-based "wife swapping" parties

Stan Antonuk, a man living and working among our children, is Chief Executive Officer of Kowabunga Inc (“KowabungaAMEX:KOW), located in Clearwater FL. Kowabunga owns and operates several pornographic websites which publish deviant, vile, and pornographic photos, videos and “Live Cam” shows to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide. One of Antonuk’s websites,, is a site that enables couples to “Swap Wives” and promotes in-home “wife-swapping” parties with males and females from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Although Kowabunga’s public statements insist Antonuk’s business is legal, there are many that feel that promoting these morals may be dangerous and disturbing to families and children. Antonuk's business has gained particular local attention recently since members of the Caliente nudist resort complained about Antonuk promoting the "swinging lifestyle" at the nudist resort. We at CCC-AIM find it particularly disturbing when even nudists protest such a deviant and immoral sex practice, it is promoted in homes around Tampa Bay's neighborhoods, and it is run by a company traded on the stock exchange.

If you'd like to contact Stan or Monique Antonuk directly, here is his home information:

5180 Jewell Terrace
(727) 943–8253


Anonymous said...

This just keeps getting better.

Anonymous said...

These websites and activities are obscene. There are obscenity laws that exist for a reason. This man should be prosecuted. I hope there is a sting operation happening right now to end this.

Anonymous said...

Lansbrook will not put up with this in our neighborhood. I am starting a petition and circulating it immediately. Take your sleeze somewhere else Antonuk!

Anonymous said...

can you please put the dates you entered these stories on here, id like to know how old this is, and if the still live at that address