James Grady - Child Pornographer

In 2002 Colorado prosecutors charged Grady with 866 felony charges of criminal sexual misconduct and exploitation of children involving, among other acts, child pornography. When police raided his Colorado home they apprehended 100,000 images of teenage girls and interrupted a "live cam" show for one of his "models".

Grady was released from Colorado prison on a $500,000 bail while he is awaiting trial. Grady, now 47 years old, is operating his "True Teen Babes" and "True Teen Cams" sites from the Tampa Bay Area.

Grady is rumored to be a part of a larger child pornography network of underage cam operators exploiting young women for profit. CCC-AIM prays that the Lord brings justice for Grady and stops his repulsive exploitation of young women and girls.

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what happened to him